Are You Ready to Change Your Money Picture?

How’s your Money Picture?

What would it mean to you to be able to end your struggle with money?

I’m here to announce another free webinar! This time it’s all about women and their money picture. This is actually a series of calls that began February 23 (alright, alright. I’m a little behind) and runs through April 19, 2012. It’s called the Wealth for Women Global Summit. You can find a link to sign-up (and read more about this awesome opportunity) on my Happy Sexy Life site, by clicking: here.

What you can expect to learn:


  • How to unlock your TRUE WEALTH WISDOM for lasting results
  • How to RELEASE unresolved subconscious beliefs and emotions around money One simple technique to AWAKEN your inner MONEY MAGNET
  • How to ELIMINATE negative patterns, money pitfalls and burdens of stress, debt and financial crisis
  • How to EFFORTLESSLY REMOVE energy blockages that stand in the way of your well-being and success
  • How to engage the wisdom of your body for a richer life


  • How to TAKE CHARGE of your finances, empower your choices and apply new strategies for earning, spending, growing and giving your money
  • Learn where to put your money to work for you now
  • FIND AND RE-VITALIZE additional flows of cash, passive streams of income andsources of wealth
  • 3 THINGS you must KNOW to prepare for the transfer of wealth that has already begun around the world
  • How to become a GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR
  • Why the OLD rules of abundance and finances WON’T WORK Today and Tomorrow
  • How to ATTRACT AND ENGAGE the men in your life for more meaningful, lucrative communications and support around financial matters

The calls are held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST. If you can’t make the calls live, don’t despair – there’s a replay for 48 hours after the actual call. I predict this will be a life-changing event!

Speakers for the call include such powerhouses as: Morgana Rae, Catarina Rundo, Margaret Lynch, Marcie Shimoff, Dr. Toni Gilardi, Angie Granger, and more. For a complete list, come on over to Happy Sexy life and sign up!
Hope to “see” you there!!
P.S. – they also support a great cause! (The proceeds would be from anyone purchasing special coaching packages or MP3s of the speakers. The calls are Free! I promise)! 😉
In our commitment to empower women financially, a portion of the proceeds from this Summit will be donated to women’s causes related to women’s educational, health and financial issues.

I’m Excited to Announce a Free Call by Christine Arylo for You to Attend

I am super excited to announce a free telecall on February 22nd by Christine Hassler and one of my absolute favorite authors and speakers, Christine Arylo. She’s the author of Me Before We and has been a wonderful, huge influence on me in my journey to a Happy Sexy Life. Here’s the information you’ll need to join us! (You’ve really, really GOT to join us)! You’ll love it!

(no matter who is or who isn’t sleeping next to you)

Are you having the greatest love affair of your life? The kind that makes you happy? Makes your life better and more FUN? Free from suffering and settling?

Sound like a happily ever after that’s too good to be true? Well, it’s NOT. You can HAVE GREAT LOVE. If you find yourself either unhappily single or struggling in a relationship that just isn’t working….it is time to take your love power back!

On February 22nd, two of my most inspiring friends, who went from love-starved and lonely to two of the most loving and LOVED people that I know – Christine Arylo and Christine Hassler – authors, speakers, coaches and self-love catalysts — are hosting a FREE tele-class – Fall in Love with your Love Life…No Matter Who Is or Who Isn’t Sleeping Next to You.

Sign up now for this FREE transformational call Sign up Here!

If you want to be madly and deeply in love, you’ll want to be on this call. I’ll be there falling more in love with my love life!

PLUS… In honor of the international day of self-love on February 13th, Christine and Christine are gifting everyone who signs up for the call with a free Self-Love Kit … including a hand-illustrated self-love guidebook, the official 2012 self-love song and more. Register for the call and check it out! Go here now free Self-Love Kit


I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally landed on a permanent site name for my biz site. Are you ready for it?! Oh wait. I already told you in the title of this post. Oh well! I’m still excited!

I’ve been struggling with this for a few months now – the name of my site and who my niche audience is. It’s finally all come together for me, so I’m embarking on this new journey – all packed and ready to go. I would feel honored if you would come visit me there and maybe even sign up for my free e-book, 3 Secrets for a Happy Sexy Life. You’ll find the sign-up sheet on the top right hand side of any page. I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering this for *free* so go get it now if you’re interested!

I’ve also decided to share a bit more of myself with all of you – my interests outside of work, my passions – like dogs (look for an upcoming post here soon) and things that will make your life a bit easier or help you in some other way. Much like I would just sittin’ around kickin’ it with my friends. I’m feeling drawn to and compelled to reveal a bit of my true, authentic self to the world.

Here’s a good example: I’ve recently discovered the store “Lush”. It’s a store that I guess started up in San Francisco, but my friend first discovered in Germany. They have the most interesting products – like bar shampoo that look like a bar of soap. I love the sea kelp one, but haven’t tried any of the others yet. The Jasmine one smells heavenly – I’m a big fan of Jasmine, anyway.

They also have masks that they mix up fresh daily. I got one called Love Lettuce  and it is absolutely amazing! They’re made with fresh ingredients, so you have to keep them refrigerated ( and they have a “best used by” date on them, which has been a good thing for me –  incentive for me to use it regularly and bypass the procrastination bug). It is easily the best mask I’ve ever used. One really nice perk is if you return five of the pots the masks come in, you get a mask for free.

The best part is: they help is well-trained and knowledgeable, so they can direct you to the right product for your skin-type. If you have a “Lush” store in your area, I highly recommend it! It is so much fun and the products – at least the ones I’ve tried -are amazing! Did I say that already? Oh well – you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures – I took a couple of myself with the mask on to share here, but I just can not bring myself to do it. If it were just my readers who would see it, that would be one thing, but who knows where it might end up – on some alien website or something. Lol! It really is the color of fresh, green lettuce and has a texture that reminded me a bit of some old horror movie I saw – Swamp Thing, I think. Anyway – I encourage you check them out if at all possible!

For those of you who are enjoying the tips in my posts, have no fear – all of this will be in addition to, not in lieu of sharing all of that with you. So please, check out my new site and take advantage of my new e-book. You can find my site at: It’s been a job getting it set up (and I mean like 24/7 job – like raising kids), but I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out, so it’s all worth it. And it only took a couple of weeks as opposed to 18 years. Bonus!

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my site here for the time being so I can spend a bit more time getting to read the great posts on the other blogs and getting to know a few people around here. It seems like a great community with much fun to be had and thirsts (for knowledge) to be quenched. Hope to see you all soon on my new site! Au revoir!

More on Embracing Feminine Power

Looking for this guy? If so, embracing your feminine power is a good place to start. There’s a balance to everything in nature, they say. A yin to the yang – and he’s pretty masculine.

So much can be said on the subject of femine power, and I’m so passionate about it. I’d say it’s a safe bet you’ll be hearing yet more from me on this in the next few weeks but for now, here’s this:

Part of what I do to be the best Women’s Empowerment Coach I can be, is to constantly read and study information to not only improve myself, but to improve my clients and their lives as well. Shortly after writing my last article, I came across a few things having to do with feminine power that I’d like to expound on.

First of all, ladies, do you realize that in most cultures men treat women as if they have all the power in choosing the man they want in their life? The example I heard used was in Italy. In this country, I think that along with taking on the masculine role so heavily, we’ve also given up our power of choice. We see the man, we pursue the man, we might even buy the man dinner. I’m inviting you to find another perspective with me here today and reclaim some of your personal, feminine power.  More

How to be Happy and Embrace Your Feminine Power

Coming from the tomboy of all tomboys, “my grandma used to beat up guys in the bar and I can, too”, tough girl, “anything a man can do, I can do better” attitude, I have to just lean back and giggle when I think of this. The most amusing thing for me, is that I hold my dad solely (well, maybe not solely, but hugely) responsible for this attitude. Yet he’s the one who told me most of my adult life that “there has to be a leader and a follower in a romantic relationship.”

That may be a little too simplistic, but as I experienced a number of failed relationships and some bad feelings around anything about myself that might be considered feminine, “princess-y”, sissy lala, I had to look at this a little more closely. What I realized is… my dear ol’ dad just might be on to something here. (Oh the horror, right)?

I read somewhere that, “a man doesn’t want to date a man dressed up like a woman”. That struck a chord and got me started studying this masculine/feminine approach a little more closely. What I began to realize is that a man not wanting to date another man dressed up as a woman, really makes a lot of sense. I believe that a woman can be feminine and function even better in relationship than she can by doing things in a masculine way. We all have a balance and sometimes our masculine skills serve us better, but in relationship, I just don’t believe that’s the case.

Before you get too riled up, let me just say: I’m not asking you to take a trip back to the 50s with me. More

How to be Happy by Overcoming Fear of Intimacy, III

Have you built a protective wall around your heart? Do you fear abandonment so much, or experience such fear of intimacy, that you simply can’t (or won’t) let love in?

I was thinking this morning about the last article and the expanding my threshold for intimacy exercise and it suddenly hit me. There was a time in  my life when I was too afraid of losing something (or more importantly, someone), to ever risk letting myself become even more attached. Oh my gosh! No way! I’m wearing a big smile on my face, just thinking about it.

It all seems ridiculous to me now, but I know that it’s a very real (and confining) fear. What I want for all of us is to feel free to love, to feel free of fear and to live our lives to the absolute fullest; to live to our highest potential, to experience joy, peace and contentment. EVERY day. It is possible. I’m living proof.

I still have some bad times. Personal growth is an ongoing process. What I’ve found though, is that the more I open myself up to love and say “no” to fear, the easier it becomes to do. At first it was really frightening and it took a long time to move past a bad day, or to move past hurt to peace. These days, it all flows in and out so much easier. I’m feeling less blocked to love, so any fear or hurt I experience flows in and just flows back out – like the tides of the ocean.

Sure, the walls I built around my heart kept some of the hurt at bay, but the pain I felt stuck with me; those walls are like a dam. They also kept the love at bay. Some of you may know my story – that I lost my mom as a teenager, and my dad abandoned us while she was still sick. I promised myself the night my mom passed that I’d never love anyone enough to feel hurt like that again. It took many years for me to realize that my mom simply would not have wanted me to live my life like that. I was keeping myself from experiencing pain, but more importantly, I was keeping myself from feeling love. I was living in fear of being hurt, but more importantly, I was living in fear of myself.

Life without love is empty. It’s scary and lonely. I would venture out of my shell sometimes and let someone get a little close to me, but the people I was letting in were a reflection of who I was. They couldn’t really let me into their heart either. Or perhaps I was simply projecting onto them, or teaching them to treat me that way. (Yes – I believe we teach others how to treat us – more on that in another article). Either way, what was happening was a vicious cycle of me wanting to let love in, not being able to really let it in and then building bigger walls. Because it HURT.

The day I realized my mom would be so hurt herself, watching me do this to myself, is the day I began my journey to self-discovery and freedom. Thus, I find myself here, encouraging and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. Today my heart is… probably not yet wide open, but it’s a lot more open than it used to be. I’m experiencing the love, joy and freedom I always longed for and no lingering pain. Big surprise. I would like to inspire you to do the same. I wish someone had been around to tell me, “once you open your heart, the hurt and fear flow out. Yes, it’s still there, but it doesn’t last. What lasts, is the love.”

So how about you? Do you fear letting yourself get too close to something or someone, caring too much because it will only hurt more when you lose it. Chances are, you WILL lose it at some point, especially if it’s a pet. Try opening yourself up a bit. Speaking from experience, the joy, peace and love you will feel, far outweigh the pain. The pain passes. The joy, peace and love stick with you.

Another Exercise for Healing Fear of Intimacy

When I wrote yesterday about fear of intimacy, I spoke of how, for me it was about fear of abandonment and fear of rejection. Fear of loss is also a lurker in there for me and I believe, closely tied to that fear of abandonment.
When I first began opening up my heart to a man, it felt extremely scary and anxiety-inducing. There were a couple of times that it felt just so overwhelming that I considered leaving in the middle of the night. I would find myself feeling so vulnerable that it was almost unbearable. It was utterly intense and I had a very low tolerance for it. I had a low tolerance for intimacy because I had guarded my heart from it so diligently for most of my life.
I began opening myself up a bit here and there with strangers and with my close friends. Then I started opening up a bit to the man in my life. The first guy I started opening up to, was one of those unavailable men who I talked about in the previous article. It seems he had a fear of intimacy as well, so neither one of us had much tolerance for it.
If you find yourself in this situation, I’d like to encourage you to do it anyway. It feels unsafe at first, but there are very few men out there who will intentionally hurt you. When you start opening up, even if they have their own fear of intimacy, they will treat you gently. Trust that.
If you have a fear of intimacy, this is actually a rather ideal situation, because you won’t be able to go too deep (and scare yourself too badly) because he won’t allow you to. And it’s better to know, if you’re looking for a lasting relationship (which I believe most of us are) now, than to find out a year down the road. Don’t you think?
If you keep practicing this, the Universe will bring you the man who will walk through this with you. Trust that, as well. One fear that you will have to face in your quest to overcome fear of intimacy, is that the guy your with, may not be the one to take this journey with you. There may have to be other guys. You will have to face that fear of potential loss, and may have to experience it. The way I see it though, is if I can’t overcome my fear of intimacy, I’ll lose him anyway at some point. So I might as well do some intensive healing work around this now, so it doesn’t become a life-long problem. Agreed?

If you’re still reading this, you must be with me. Yahoo!
So, beginning this frightening, nerve-wracking, anxiety-inducing journey, will be worth it all in the end. This healing went very quickly for me once I committed myself to it, so I trust it will go quickly for you, as well. Keep your eye on the prize, ladies. You can do this.
As I mentioned earlier, once I found the guy who was more tolerant of intimacy than I was, and who wanted to talk with me about our future together, it felt incredibly scary and I felt vulnerable almost to the point of being intolerable. But I stuck with it. I would come home and do the exercise I wrote about in the first part of this article, for overcoming fear. Eventually (within a couple of weeks) I became more tolerant of the vulnerable feeling, but I still felt as if I couldn’t tolerate the amount of intimacy I was feeling with him (and I’m talking about emotional intimacy here, which can certainly be sexual, but really goes much deeper than that).
I was reading on one of my favorite blogs and came across some information stating that we all have a “thermostat” for the amount of intimacy we can handle. This made sense to me. At the same time, I came across some information about someone (Christine Arylo, who I’ve spoken of in previous posts) giving and receiving love from her beloved dog as part of her daily ritual. So…I took both sets of information and thought, “aha! This is perfect!” And thus was born the exercise I’ll share with you next.
I call this the “unconditional love exercise” and this is the reason for the picture of my pooch on this post. This exercise has really opened my heart to giving and receiving love and helped me to feel more comfortable with it and raise my “thermostat”. Because really, what better way is there to raise your tolerance for love than to experience it with a being who loves unconditionally?
The way this worked is, I began everyday for a few weeks, telling my dog, “let’s snuggle.” She would climb up in my lap (and she’s a big dog, so it would probably have been fun to watch.) And then I would wrap my arms around her and get quiet and concentrate on feeling her love coming at me. It feels a bit like warmth around the heart area. And I would practice letting that love well up in me and tell her sweet things, like “you’re such a good girl,” and “I love you.” Then I would concentrate on sending that warmth I felt in my heart, back to her.
If it works better for you to send your love and then feel it coming back, you can do it that way, too. There really is no right or wrong way, just try it and see what works for you. I imagine this exercise would also work with a baby (and many of you moms out there may already practice this subconsciously) or… a cat. Although, as we all know, cats do what they want, so they may not be as cooperative.
Let me know how this works for you.
Sending love and warm wishes for healing. -M

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