Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve always been a bit of a fashionista. Well maybe “fashionista” isn’t quite the right word. I’m not “trendy.” Tapered-leg pants? UMMMM… not for me, thanks. I prefer to wear what is the most flattering on me and tapered-leg ain’t it! Yes I know ain’t isn’t a word. Fashionista may not be the exact right word either, yet when I say “fashionista” it just brings a smile to my face and a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart. I would define my style as, well, “MY Style.” My friends generally say, “I would never try it, but you sure can pull it off!” And no, they’re not just being nice. I get compliments all the time, even from strangers, I just happen to have found the style that is uniquely me. (I’ll post pictures sometime. You can be your own judge.)  What I’ve discovered about my style is that I happen to love a more “masculine” fabric (think pinstripes – my absolute fave!, houndstooth, glen plaid) made up in a perfectly girlie style. Ruffles? Not so much. But lace?… a little lace on a pinstripe blouse, now THAT my friends, is my style! And denim skirts with rhinestones? Mm hmm!

Anyway, I digress. Although I know my style is a little “quirky,” it’s perfectly, quirkily, me and I don’t try to pass it off on anyone else. But, I also refuse to let my friends leave the house looking like crap. My friend Dee’s favorite story to tell is about when we were getting ready to go out on the town (many moons ago), and I asked her, “You’re going out in that”?! Then proceeded to pick her outfit out for her and help her with her makeup. What can I say? She looked and felt fabulous that night, and I, now being older and somewhat wiser, have learned to say, “You’re going out in that?!,” a little more gently and diplomatically. The point to this whole diatribe is, I didn’t make her wear what I would wear, that would never work. Most people would feel like a clown in what I wear (except for my fabulous heels). I chose something for her that was flattering, that she felt un-clownlike (is that a word?) in, and was considerably more conservative than anything I have in my closet. And THAT my friends is what style is all about! You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’, you just have to look perfectly “you” (no sweatpants allowed – especially the ones with elastic bottoms – unless you’re sitting on the couch, eating a pint of Cherry Garcia and watching corny romantic comedies, minus a significant other. If the significant other is present, well, we’ll discuss that in another article). And tapered-leg pants?! Well, you may be able to pull them off, but I sure can’t. But that, my friends, is also a story for another day.

In the meantime, I’ve started my own little fashion consulting business, wherein you can think of me as your personal Clinton (you know, the nice one. Stacy’s the mean one. I’m not sure I can actually use the name of the show here, I’m sure they’ve got copyrights on it, but if you don’t know, ask in the comments. I can fill you in “off air”). For those of you who do know what I’m referring to, yes the diplomacy has paid off a bit and I will be gentle. But in an adamant way. So, let me know if you’re in the need of a little retail therapy. I can help you find your unique style (yes yours, not mine. As long as it doesn’t involve the dreaded afore-mentioned sweatpants). If you’re feeling a little down, there’s nothing like a new outfit to help you feel fan-freakin-tastic!! – and I do love to shop! Especially with someone else’s money! Even if it is for them. Until next time, (yes! this is homework but it will be well worth it), consider when the last time was that you felt absolutely, positively on top of the world and see if you can define what it was that felt so “you” about it. Or call me and I’ll charge you an outrageous amount of money to help you define it. Until then…


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