What Can Fashion Consulting Do For Me, You Ask?

And I answer. See the picture on the left? Now see the picture on the right. I cant take you from left, to right. Well that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, I don’t build walk-in closets, but I can get you organized so you’re not wasting your precious time digging for your other shoe. Wouldn’t you rather use all that wasted time (and energy) on the beach drinking a mojito?

I hadn’t planned on posting another article yet, but how are you going to know what it is exactly I do, if I don’t tell you? These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night! Pitiful isn’t it? Simply put, I cater to those of you out there who have “a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.” That too, is a pity… and completely unnecessary. (For those of you who don’t have a closet full of clothes, yet still have nothing to wear, I can definitely help you, too – even easier, because you have no bad habits to break. But shhh – don’t tell my clotheshorse sisters and brothers out there. I wouldn’t want to offend them so early on). Now, shall we get to the nuts and bolts of this operation?! We shall.

A Fashion Consultant is probably more accurately known as a Personal Shopper for those of you who are fans of the reality show mentioned in the previous article. But being the realist that I am, I know there are those of you out there who have little to no idea what a “Personal Shopper” is, so to simplify things I decided to refer to myself as a “Fashion Consultant.” (Or at times, a “Wardrobe Consultant” or “Style Consultant”). So for this article, I’ll go into some detail as to what I can do for you.

The simplest, but maybe least fun (simply because we don’t get to spend all your money on a marathon shopping frenzy – so possibly more fun for you, come to think of it), is: Closet Organization. This is simply when I go through your closet, with or without you, hang everything, come up with some innovative storage solutions for shoes, sweaters and the like, and basically just tidy everything up. This WILL make your mornings a bit less hectic since you’ll be able to see exactly what you own without digging through the closet floor to find it.

The next step would be a Wardrobe Consultation. This is a little more time intensive, and considerably more fun. It includes all the aspects of Closet Organization with the added benefit of my helping you decide what items need to stay and which need to go (and which might work for you with a little alteration), as well as my assistance in putting ensembles together for you out of what you already have. I’ll also put together a shopping list for you of some basic items you may need to fill things out and pull them all together. Jolly good fun it is, and it’s guaranteed to turn your wardrobe into a workhorse. And… again, make those mornings a bit less hectic.

The next option is where the fashionista in me starts to come out and shine. This is the Personal Shopper angle and can be as simple as consulting with you on a look for a gala event, evening out, or interview for your dream job. This can include a complete Look Consultation where I’ll even give you some makeup and/or skincare tips that you can do yourself. DIY glamour makeup, anyone?

A step up from that would be a complete Wardrobe Makeover which could be as simple as my shopping with you and helping you to find “your unique look” (See more on “your unique look” below). The emphasis being on finding components that work together so you don’t need so darn many clothes and still have plenty to wear. If you wish, this can also include a Closet Organization and/or Wardrobe Consultation. The possibilities are endless. If you’re planning on going for the “whole ball of wax” as they say, I recommend starting with the Wardrobe Consultation so I can see what you already have and add components that work with them, but the order is completely up to you.

That, my friends, is the Fashion Consultant portion of my business. Oh and I did tell you I would define “your unique look,” didn’t I? “Your unique look” is loosely defined as the right cut, color and style that puts a swing in your step and gives you the ultimate feeling of self-confidence that only shines when you know you’re all that and a frosty mojito. I should mention that I have a practiced eye for seeing that glimmer in your eye and swing in your step when you come out of the dressing room feeling amazing.  i then define what that element is and quickly refine it so we can incorporate more of it into your wardrobe. Even if you’re a fellow fashionista and work in a corporate office, I can incorporate some elements that define YOU into your look and take some of the stodginess out of it. After all, I have years of practice doing that for myself. Need I say, it’s not easy incorporating “biker chic” (that’s chic, not chick) into a law office. Believe me, it wasn’t  always easy, but I managed to pull it off.

So your homework for today, is to attempt to define your style, or what you would like your style to be. I define mine, obviously, as “biker chic” meaning whips, chains, low cut tops and micro mini skirts (just kidding). It’s more leather and denim with a european, up-town flair. But it’s definitely all my own. And… that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by, and until next time…


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