New, Fun Tool I Found

Ok all you crazy fashionistas out there! Oh, wait. That would have to be me, considering it’s 5:15 a.m. and I’ve not yet been to sleep. They warned me that being an entrepreneur would do this to a person. But it’s all worth it. I just got done writing an article and I found the coolest tool, ever! That’s right. I might be a little delirious, but if you go here: you’ll be able to see a couple of outfits I put together, find some valuable tips on wardrobe building blocks (which I’ll expound on in later articles) AND last, but not least, listen to some of my favorite tunes. Yay! Another one of my passions! Guess I didn’t realize just how passionate I am until I started all this.

Considering the lateness (or earliness) of the hour and my propensity to delirium when I’m sleep deprived, I’m going to keep this short. But seriously, go check that stuff out. I’ll let you know if I still think it’s as fun after I’ve slept a few hours. I don’t have quite the resources here for creating looks that I do there and I’m super excited about being able to “draw you a picture” so to speak. I plan to write more articles there, just so I can put the outfits together and give you a taste of what I can do for you if we work together (if you’re in the Denver, CO area or want to fly me out *wink, wink*). So stay tuned.

Until then…


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