Style Basics: Maternity Clothes

Do you know how to build a maternity wardrobe? It’s much like building your regular wardrobe, except you get to start from scratch. Believe me, it’ll be ok. I know you have lots of other expenses coming up and you’re probably much more into baby clothes right now, so I’ll take you step-by-step through the basics of building a wardrobe that will take you through the upcoming change of season. (Later, you can do the same for your regular wardrobe).

Any good wardrobe needs to have some basics to build on. I recommend knits in this case because they’ll “grow” with you, meaning you won’t have to be buying more clothes in your third trimester. Then, you simply flesh it out with some things that make you feel special and that you absolutely love. I know that maternity clothes are difficult to come by, but there are options out there. I’ll give you some ideas for where to look as well. Ready for another adventure? Follow me.
So we start with the wardrobe basics. These are the foundation of your wardrobe, so there’s nothing too glamorous here, but they’ll be quick and relatively painless to buy, so don’t despair. You’ll want to look for neutrals, i.e. black, brown, khaki, navy, burgundy (yes, burgundy), and if you’re really brave… white or cream. Look for two pairs of trousers, two skirts, five or six tops and a sweater or two in a plain color with not many details and no prints. I know. Boring, huh? But believe me, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars for them later. This way, if you have to wear them twice in a week (I know, heaven forbid but you will only be wearing these for a few months) no one will notice. Cool, huh?

Seeing as it’s fall write now and hot as hell, you’ll want to look for sleeveless or short sleeve tops or blouses. Later, when it cools off, you can layer them over long sleeve tops and top with a sweater and wear tights with the skirts. After you have your basics, flesh it out with some noticeable items that bring out the fashionista in you. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have style, after all.

Consider shopping your local second-hand shops or thrift stores. Like I said, maternity clothes are usually only worn a few months and you can find some good quality gems for a bargain at these places. For more detailed information, check out the article I just published. You can find it here: You’ll find some outfits  there that I created (AND they’re available for purchase). You can buy them directly from the article just by clicking on them and following the instructions if you like them. (Hey, I’m not pregnant, but I still have an eye for fashion). There’s also lots more information there about building a maternity wardrobe, but it’s the pictures being worth a thousand words aspect that has me really excited! If you have need more direction or have questions, you can contact me directly there, or leave me a comment here (or there for that matter) and I’ll get back back to you right away. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! I hope you’ve found this post helpful. Stay tuned for more great tips and if you have requests for a post, be sure to let me know. Until then…


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