I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally landed on a permanent site name for my biz site. Are you ready for it?! Oh wait. I already told you in the title of this post. Oh well! I’m still excited!

I’ve been struggling with this for a few months now – the name of my site and who my niche audience is. It’s finally all come together for me, so I’m embarking on this new journey – all packed and ready to go. I would feel honored if you would come visit me there and maybe even sign up for my free e-book, 3 Secrets for a Happy Sexy Life. You’ll find the sign-up sheet on the top right hand side of any page. I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering this for *free* so go get it now if you’re interested!

I’ve also decided to share a bit more of myself with all of you – my interests outside of work, my passions – like dogs (look for an upcoming post here soon) and things that will make your life a bit easier or help you in some other way. Much like I would just sittin’ around kickin’ it with my friends. I’m feeling drawn to and compelled to reveal a bit of my true, authentic self to the world.

Here’s a good example: I’ve recently discovered the store “Lush”. It’s a store that I guess started up in San Francisco, but my friend first discovered in Germany. They have the most interesting products – like bar shampoo that look like a bar of soap. I love the sea kelp one, but haven’t tried any of the others yet. The Jasmine one smells heavenly – I’m a big fan of Jasmine, anyway.

They also have masks that they mix up fresh daily. I got one called Love Lettuce  and it is absolutely amazing! They’re made with fresh ingredients, so you have to keep them refrigerated ( and they have a “best used by” date on them, which has been a good thing for me –  incentive for me to use it regularly and bypass the procrastination bug). It is easily the best mask I’ve ever used. One really nice perk is if you return five of the pots the masks come in, you get a mask for free.

The best part is: they help is well-trained and knowledgeable, so they can direct you to the right product for your skin-type. If you have a “Lush” store in your area, I highly recommend it! It is so much fun and the products – at least the ones I’ve tried -are amazing! Did I say that already? Oh well – you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures – I took a couple of myself with the mask on to share here, but I just can not bring myself to do it. If it were just my readers who would see it, that would be one thing, but who knows where it might end up – on some alien website or something. Lol! It really is the color of fresh, green lettuce and has a texture that reminded me a bit of some old horror movie I saw – Swamp Thing, I think. Anyway – I encourage you check them out if at all possible!

For those of you who are enjoying the tips in my posts, have no fear – all of this will be in addition to, not in lieu of sharing all of that with you. So please, check out my new site and take advantage of my new e-book. You can find my site at: It’s been a job getting it set up (and I mean like 24/7 job – like raising kids), but I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out, so it’s all worth it. And it only took a couple of weeks as opposed to 18 years. Bonus!

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my site here for the time being so I can spend a bit more time getting to read the great posts on the other blogs and getting to know a few people around here. It seems like a great community with much fun to be had and thirsts (for knowledge) to be quenched. Hope to see you all soon on my new site! Au revoir!


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